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Introducing...The Sound Society

Ladies and Gentlemen... I would like to introduce to you "THE SOUND SOCIETY". A new Metropolis vocal group we have been working very hard on over the last few months.

The Sound Society is an elite troupe of 16 vocalists who were hand selected and brought together to form a “cabaret style” show group. Using the vocal versatility and ability of the group, we were able to push the envelope when choosing the content for our shows. We use a modular approach to our performances, starting with our foundation of 10 (and growing) themed shows that can be performed as written, or segmented, mixed and matched to custom create the perfect entertainment for General Session opener/closers, Award Presentations, Cruise Ships, Dinner Shows and everything in between.

The music is not the only thing that is modular. The configuration of the group is customizable. The Sound Society can come as simple and intimate as 6 singers with backing tracks, OR we can add any mix of singers, musicians, dancers, costumes and choreography, for a fully produced extravaganza! Shows start with 6 singers and we can add from there. So no matter the size or budget, we have a perfect solution for any event! Promo is coming soon, so keep your eyes and EARS on the look out, because The Sound Society, is coming at ya!


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