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let us show you ours!

Our why...

Have you ever experienced something and just knew, it was “RIGHT”? The planets align, creating a clear “Big Picture” that cannot be ignored! Although this 18+ year road has had it’s twists and turns, that is exactly how Metropolis came to be. Ours is a love story of sorts… 2 people in love with each other, music and the Entertainment & Events community. This story is still being written...


At Metropolis, we believe Entertainment/Music is a destiny that each of us has been blessed with. We are very lucky to have a team who touts 150+ years of collective experience both on and off stage, and we consider ourselves experts in this field. But it’s not the years of “doing” it that keeps us moving forward, it’s our “WHY”. The internal desire and drive to share our passion and experience, through music and entertainment with clients and talent who want to be inspired, inspire others, and who trust us to “Be the Difference”!


Richie & Lisa Compton

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